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Based in Manchester I'm a keen photographer, long distance runner, baker, collector and bell ringer. My running exploits and general updates are at recorded on my blog 'A Day in the Life' at All the bell ringing stuff is at

“A day in the life” is moving!

Whilst I’ve been setting up on my next major project, I decided that it was time to actually organise some proper web hosting.

I’ve been happy with the home for the last 3 years, but given I was setting up with the new host, rather than paying twice (actually 4 times as I run that many sites) everything is moving across.

Now for the other sites, which had their own domain names already, this is easy. Unfortunately, A day in the life… proudly didn’t stick to it’s name, and hence the need to alert you to the change.

So, from here on in please visit and bookmark that location.


At this time the two look rather similar, except for this being final post on and all future postings at the new home.

Everything has been unboxed and is being carefully put away. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine and some crisps. 🙂