Linux Mint on HP Stream 11





3 thoughts on “Linux Mint on HP Stream 11”

  1. I’ve just gotten my hands on a HP Stream 11 with the intent of putting Linux on it, so great tutorial! I’m looking forward to LinuxMint on it. I had a couple of questions: does the stream suspend/sleep without a hitch in Mint? I’ve had issues in the past with a Mint laptop unable to suspend, (which may have been a blunder on my part with the drivers.)

    Also, did you only use the USB to get the installation of Mint onto the machine? I’m making the assumption that you aren’t using it permanently as a boot-drive, similar to Crouton? (I’m a newbie, apologies)

    1. Hello, I did the full install onto the eMMC drive with the boot sector on the eMMC itself. To be honest I didn’t manage to get a working USB installation (other than the live install media as a USB stick which I created from my desktop mint install).

      Some installs that others have done have worked differently to mine e.g. getting a 64 bit system running which I couldn’t make happen. I think it depends on the firmware version of the BIOS as that was the only obvious difference. The boot up is still a bit slower than would be nice, as there seems to be a read issue of the initial blocks on the drive that is beyond my understanding! 🙂

      The suspend/sleep seemed to work fine without too much messing around.

      The biggest headache I found was the installation of the new kernel as there seems to be something in one of the associated packages which it needs to find the filesystem. At least using grub you can still boot the previous kernel if there are problems.

      Don’t forget to make a backup of the recovery partition onto a USB stick, so if you totally screw things up you can get the machine back to factory settings again 🙂

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